American Hospital, Koç University Hospital and MedAmerican Ambulatory Care Surgery Center operate under the roof of Koç Healthcare Institutions; are non-profit world-class hospitals that prioritize research and education. We maintain our reputable position by ensuring reliable patient care, mutual and transparent communication, continuous development while preserving international quality accreditations and standards. As a part of our transparency policy, all of our quality metrics, including patient satisfaction rates, are shared at our websites. We have established Turkey’s first “Patient Experience Office” which is directly coordinated by the CEO in order to improve the services that our patients receive and increase their satisfaction. As of today, patient experience index is rated above 95%. In 2016, we treated approximately a quarter million patients in our healthcare institutions.

Comprehensive Cancer Program

Our comprehensive cancer program is the first multidisciplinary service line consisting of specialized physicians, cancer nurses, psycho-oncologists and patient care coordinators who work together to provide the best available care to our cancer patients and their families in a caring environment. At our institutions, every cancer patient’s treatment is planned during multidisciplinary cancer meetings in which specialists, each highly trained in their fields, share their knowledge and experience. At our institutions, every cancer patient’s treatment is planned during multidisciplinary cancer meetings in which specialists, each highly trained in their fields, share their knowledge and experience.

MD Anderson

American Hospital’s partnership with the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center in Radiation Oncology began in 2010 as a satellite Radiation Oncology Treatment Center and we became the only International Cancer Network member MD Anderson International Cancer Network representative in the region. Being the first MD Anderson satellite radiation treatment facility outside the United States, we have recently expanded this partnership by becoming an MD Anderson International Associate Member, granting us exclusivity rights over 22 countries. Today, besides Radiation Oncology, American Hospital provides healthcare services in every field involved in cancer treatment ensuring the identical quality and standards with MD Anderson Cancer Center.

Living Heart

Living Heart includes Cardiac Surgery, Cardiology and Vascular Surgery departments supported by advanced technology. TAVI and mitraclip operations and CS service line consist 5000 minimally invasive operations yearly. The collaboration within the team combined with the accreditation from the “European Association of Echocardiography” allow us to continue being the most respected and leading cardiovascular center in the nation.

Robotic Surgery

Gynecology, General Surgery and Urology are the main surgical departments that utilize Robotic Surgery in our institutions. Most up-to-date technology combined with highly experienced surgeons, patients are receiving the best care possible.

Bone Narrow Transplantation

In accordance with our Comprehensive Cancer Program, bone marrow transplantation unit started admitting patients in the second half of 2016 at Koç University Hospital. The unit consists of 14 HEPA- filtered air-locked single rooms, a flow-cytometry laboratory, and a cell manipulation laboratory with a clean room. Under three internationally acknowledged academics in lead, the unit has already proven to become our newest excellence center with an annual capacity of 120 patients. Pediatric bone marrow transplantation unit will be in operation in 2017, which will be a great step forward for our pediatrics service line.

Gamma Knife

Gamma Knife Radiosurgery Unit brings together a combination of extensive experience, up-to-date protocols from cutting-edge research and latest technology. Director of the Gamma Knife Radiosurgery Unit, Professor Selçuk Peker has treated more than 7.000 patients and holds considerable number of internationally recognized publications to his name. With powerful human capital and the most precise radiosurgery system on the market, patients with cranial disorders will receive the finest care possible. We are proud to say Koç Healthcare Institutions are among the first healthcare providers in Turkey to implement the latest radiosurgery system, found in selected centers worldwide. Our Gamma Knife Radiosurgery Unit has the capacity to serve approximately 2000 patients each year.

Hair Transplantation

When performed with precision and artistry, hair transplantation can do wonders for a person’s self- esteem and sense of wellbeing. Hair Transplantation Center at Koç University Hospital is conducted by Dr. Sacit Karademir, a world-renowned aesthetic and reconstructive plastic surgeon specialized in hair transplantation and restoration operations for scalp and facial hair transplantation. For the first time in the world, hair transplantation and restoration services are operated in a university hospital setting. Hence, we give high priority for quality, extensive research and excellent patient services. We are determined to provide you a natural looking hair transplantation result.

Spine Center

Spine Center is a multi-disciplinary clinical program that brings together physical therapy, rehabilitation, neurology, neurosurgery, rheumatology and orthopedics departments. The center consists of 63 dedicated physicians, with the leadership of 6 reputable academicians from different disciplines. Areas of care extend from various degenerative spinal disorders to complex congenital scoliosis, each case being evaluated individually to offer a tailored treatment.

Organ Transplantation Center

Organ Transplantation is a serious need in all over the world. Koç University Hospital offers organ transplantation in a high quality level based on an advanced global standard of care. The mentor and the chief of the Koç University Hospital Organ Transplantation Center is the worldly renowned transplant surgeon Professor Münci Kalayoğlu, M.D. Dr. Kalayoğlu served as the chief of the Wisconsin University Medical School Liver Transplant Center. He is also recognized as one of the most innovative 20 pediatric surgeons alive today in the world.

Koç University Hospital Organ Transplantation Center offers kidney, pancreas, liver transplant operations by an internationally experienced team under the leadership of Professor Burak Koçak, M.D. and Assistant Professor Turan Kanmaz, M.D. Koç University Hospital Pediatric Organ Transplantation Program offers kidney and liver transplant operations. Choosing the right transplantation center is very important. Organ transplantation does not solely consists of the operation. It includes pre-transplant and post-transplant processes as well. It requires a multidisciplinary care, therefore a high quality of laboratory, operation rooms, pre and post operation care and intensive care unit (ICU) and imaging services is necessary during the transplantation process. Koç University Hospital is fully equipped with the latest technology and offers advanced surgical applications. The organ transplant surgeries at Koç University Hospital performed by our highly experienced organ transplant team in a fully equipped hospital based on the cutting-edge technology, results in high success rates.

Koç University Hospital Organ Transplantation Center offers the following procedures:

  • Simultaneous kidney, liver and pancreas transplantation
  • Donor kidney removal through laparoscopic technique (intervention through belly button) or robot assisted technique
  • Pediatric kidney and liver transplantation (simultaneously or separately)
  • The Center works with the first EFI accredited immunology laboratory in Turkey.